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Oil, Gas & Chemical

A provider that understands oil, gas and chemical industries, with a strong heritage of safely executing construction, repair and maintenance projects

Matrix NAC has deep roots in the oil, gas and chemical industry. It’s where we began in 1984, as a specialized provider of aboveground storage tanks. Parts of our business—gained through acquisition—have even deeper roots, delivering best-in-class solutions to the oil, gas and chemical industries for more than 65 years. Building on this rich heritage, we’ve continued to expand our capabilities and diversify our services, and today serve as a preferred single source provider to customers across North America.

Our strong position in strategic union labor markets and physical proximity to prime locations within the oil, gas & chemical industry has also afforded Matrix NAC the opportunity to expand our capabilities and diversify our services.

Our extensive experience includes, without limitation, providing customers’ procurement and construction services in connection with:

  • Facility retrofits
  • Outage turnarounds
  • General plant maintenance
  • Fabrication
  • Major equipment setting
  • System upgrades
  • Production line construction
  • Flare gas instrumentation projects
  • Piping system tie-ins
  • Coker and delayed Coker work
  • Structural steel erection

We continue to strengthen our portfolio of services to better meet the needs of our clients. We are focused on safety, quality and customer relationships, with a deep and broad portfolio of services that ideally suit us for a wide variety of projects. When you team with Matrix NAC, you can be assured you’re getting a provider that knows the challenges you face.